Does Special Pals offer boarding?

Yes! For more information, click on the boarding tab.


Does Special Pals offer grooming?

No, at this time we are not offering grooming.


Is Special Pals really a no-kill animal shelter?

Yes! Any animal accepted into our adoption program will call Special Pals ‘home’ until they find their forever family. It may take weeks or it may take years, regardless, they will be cared for and loved by the staff for the duration of their stay.


Who do I call to pick up a stray that has been running around my neighborhood?

Animal Control is an agency that picks up stray animals. The number for Harris County Animal Control is 281- 999-3191.


How long has Special Pals been in business?

Special Pals has been around since 1979. We started in the Bellaire area and moved to the Katy area in the early 90’s.


What services does Special Pals provide?

We currently offer low cost shots and surgery, heartworm preventative, micro chipping, boarding and adoptions. Surgery appointments are generally on Mondays and shot appointments are generally offered on Fridays. We also have a walk in shot clinic on at least one Saturday every month. For more information, click on the surgery services tab. You can also give us a call at 281-579-7387 or Email Us. 


Can I just fill out an application online and email it to you?

You may submit an application via email, but you must come in to meet the dog or cat before the adoption is final.


Does Special Pals participate in any community events?

Of course! We participate in many events throughout the year. See our calendar for more information and a list of our upcoming events.


How does Special Pals operate?

Special Pals relies on donations and grants. We receive no government funding.


I am looking for a place that will euthanize my pet. Will Special Pals do this?

We do not offer this service. Most full service veterinarian offices will, however an exam may be required for the veterinarian to consent to euthanasia.


Which types of animals does Special Pals adopt out or see during clinics?

We currently only adopt out dogs and cats. Our clinics are also geared towards only dogs and cats.


What does it mean when I try to surrender an animal and Special Pals says they’re full?

Special Pals is a limited intake animal shelter so that we can properly care for the animals we currently have. Available spaces are dependent of our cages, the amount of staff we have and how many we can financially care for.

Special Pals, Inc. is a limited-intake animal shelter. We are only able to accept animals that we can properly care for. Space is dependent upon the number of animals currently in the shelter; the number of staff available to provide care; and the financial resources available to pay for medical treatment, food, and other necessities. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every animal brought to Special Pals. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


I have a dog/cat I want to give to Special Pals. Is there a waiting list I can be put on?

Special Pals does not currently offer the option to be put on a waiting list. We suggest you call weekly or biweekly to ask about available spaces or try another shelter from our rescue groups list under the ‘Animal’ tab.


What are the requirements for surrendering an animal to Special Pals?

The animal must pass a health evaluation and must be under 7 years old. There is an intake fee of $80.00. This small fee helps us to provide medical and daily care for the animal until he or she is adopted.


Who do I call if I see a dead animal on the road?

Within the Houston city limits, you can call City Maintenance at 713-699-1113. If outside the city limits, they can direct you further.


I want to donate items to Special Pals. What do you really need?

Our wish list provides general items that we are always in need of. For more specific items, please give us a call at 281-579-7387 or Email Us.


My dog gets along with everyone. Why does he/she have to come in to meet the dog I want to adopt?

We require that your dog come in to meet to make sure there is no aggression between the two. Dogs are a lot like humans in that sometimes their personality may clash with another dog’s personality. In doing this, we are hoping to ensure a seamless transition into the dog’s new home.


I am about to bring a dog into my home and I have never owned a dog before. What do I need to have ready?

Make sure your new dog has a collar, leash and an I.D. tag with your contact information. You will also need a food bowl, water bowl and a crate if you are going to be crate-training your new friend. Other items needed are toys (to help your new dog choose appropriate things to chew on), a good quality dog food and treats. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to ask!


I am about to bring a cat into my home and I have never owned a cat before. What do I need to have ready?

We suggest that your new cat has a break-away collar with an I.D. tag engraved with your contact information. You will also need a food bowl, water bowl, litter box, litter scooper, a good quality cat food and cat treats. Providing toys and a scratching post can help ensure your new friend chews, scratches and plays with appropriate things. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to ask!